“Some ideas are born naturally, just like a friendship. Living in Liguria, I had the pleasure to meet many friends who own holiday homes. They were eager to leave their homes in trusted hands of peolpe capable of looking after their properties even during their absence.”

Angela van de Loo

Angela van de Loo
Angela van de LooVDL SERVICE

Angela van de Loo was born in Darmstadt in Germany, but she grew up in Hamburg where her great passion for reading led her to become a bookseller. She is a curious young woman who decides to go to Paris where she works for a German bookshop. In 1988, love takes her to Italy where she gets married and creates her family. Here she settles down and builds a new life. She trains as an interpreter and translator and soon becomes a reference point for multinational people who have chosen Liguria for their holiday homes. In 2003, her experience and enthusiasm led her to create the VDL Service, which she has owned since then.

Tiziano Barisone
Tiziano BarisoneVDL SERVICE

Tiziano Barisone was born in Turin, after classical studies, he approached the insurance world becoming a sub-agent in 2000. From 2005, he began an exclusive collaboration with Allianz and in 2013 he created a strong and productive partnership with the VDL Service dealing with the insurance, administrative and accounting management, for both the agency and its customers.

Nina Falk

Nina Falk was born in Baden Baden in Germany, she came to Italy in 1992 and created her family. In Januray 2019 she joined the VDL Service dealing with invoices’ registration, payment and archiving along with front office activities.